• Your Coaching Program

    I will personally take you through an individualized coaching program each month. As an exercise physiologist, I focus on what you can do as well as what makes it fun for you to push those boundaries and reach the next level.

  • Focus:

    Fuel - what does your system need to feel energetic and function well; Fitness - what is your background and how can we make the next steps better; Focus - I am fully focused on your and your program progress when life happens around you.

  • Building on Strong Foundations

    The first step in any program is an exercise physiology based assessment. We will then map out your goals so we have data each month to show results and build each month.

  • Staying Connected

    Monthly conversations to guide our systemic approach to achieving and elevating beyond your health and fitness goals.

Live and On-Demand Classes

As people get busy, they neglect certain strengthening exercises to help maintain good posture and relieve back tightness/pain.

This course will change your world.

Jen's Gym
  • Leah M
    "I first started working virtually with Jen following the pandemic ... and don’t ever want to go back to in person sessions! With a couple of bands and weights , I’ve been able to progress with my goals of getting stronger and in better shape."
    Leah M

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have some of the same questions you do about a coaching plan.

With 20+ years working with individuals of all ages and all abilities for extended periods of time, She will help you get started, get strong, and keep pushing boundaries. She listens to your goals and your needs and will help get you to a comfortable place with your initial goals and into a place you never thought you could achieve.

I have Peloton and a regular gym membership, why should I use an online trainer?

Jen will help you get the right fit on your at-home equipment as you get stronger. She will also help you understand what will be most effective on the off days in the gym. At-home personal coaching is great because you can wake up, train hard, shower and get ready to work without the commute or need of family care. It is your time!

  • Judith G.
    "On the surface it doesn’t look like you are doing a hard workout, the moves themselves seem simple. But pretty soon you are dripping in sweat!"
    Judith G.

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Sign up now for your monthly program. As always we will start with an assessment and goal-setting session prior to starting.